Manufacturers supply bulk branched chain amino acids 2:1:1 4:1:1 amino acid powder

Factory Supply  Bulk BCAA  2:1:1 4:1:1 Amino Acid  powder 1.Product name:BCAA2.Specification:Amino Acids USP4:1:1 INSTANT   BCAAAmino Acids USP4:1:1 Granular  BCAAAmino Acids USP2:1:1 GRANULAR  BCAAAmino Acids USP2:1:1 INSTANT BCAAAmino Acids USP4:1:1  BCAAAmino Acids USP2:1:1  B

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Factory Supply  Bulk BCAA  2:1:1 4:1:1 Amino Acid  powder


1.Product name:BCAA

2.Specification:Amino Acids USP4:1:1 INSTANT   BCAA
Amino Acids USP4:1:1 Granular  BCAA
Amino Acids USP2:1:1 GRANULAR  BCAA
Amino Acids USP2:1:1 INSTANT BCAA
Amino Acids USP4:1:1  BCAA
Amino Acids USP2:1:1  BCAA

3.Appearance white powder

4.Product Description:

These branched chain essential amino acids (BCAA / BCAA powder) are known as the stress amino acids. Thirty percent of the diet should be proteins when the body is under severe stress, because stress causes protein to break down faster.

BCAAs have regulatory effects on overall protein metabolism and are required in larger amounts during stress than are other amino acids (and probably proportionately more leucine than either valine or isoleucine).

Furthermore, when given as supplements, BCAAs decrease the rate of breakdown and utilisation of other amino acids and stimulate protein synthesis. Therefore these BCAAs are useful in conditions of stress caused by trauma, surgery, liver failure, infection, fever, starvation, muscle training and weight lifting. BCAAs are unique in that skeletal muscles can use them directly as an energy source.

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                                                           BCAA 4:1:1

DescriptionWhite crystals or crystalline powder
L-Leucine Content(%)60.0 - 73.5
L-Valine Content(%)15.0 - 18.0
L-Isoleucine Content(%)15.0 - 18.0
Lecithin(%)0.3 - 1.0
Bulk Density(g/ml)0.20 - 0.60
Loss on drying(%)1.0 Max
Residue on Ignition(%)0.4 Max
Heavy Metals(ppm)10.0 Max
Pb(ppm)0.5 Max
As(ppm)1.0 Max
Total Plate Count(cfu/g)1000 Max
Yeast & Moulds(cfu/g)100 Max


                                                           BCAA 2:1:1

AppearanceWhite crystals or crystalline powder
Assay(%)95% Min
L-Leucine(%)45.0 - 55.0
L-lsoleucine(%)22.5 - 27.5
L-Valine(%)22.5 - 27.5
Bulk Density(g/ml)0.25 - 0.45
Tapped Density(g/ml)0.45 - 0.65
Loss on Drying(%)0.5 Max
Residue on Ignition(%)0.5 Max
Particle size95% Pass 80 mesh
Heavy Metals(ppm)10 Max
As(ppm)1 Max
Total Plate Count(cfu/g)1000 Max
Yeast & Moulds(cfu/g)100 Max

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