Honeysuckle Extract/Honeysuckle Extract Chlorogenic Acid 25%

Product descriptionHoneysuckle extract Lonicera Japonica extract Chlorogenic acidLonicera japonica is a valued medicinal herbIt extract ingredients: Chlorogenic acid 5%-98%Polysaccharides; Polyphenolic compounds; Other more ingredientFunction1. Affection by exopathogenic wind -heat or epidemic febrile diseases at the early stage

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Product description
Honeysuckle extract Lonicera Japonica extract Chlorogenic acid
Lonicera japonica is a valued medicinal herb
It extract ingredients: Chlorogenic acid 5%-98%
Polysaccharides; Polyphenolic compounds; Other more ingredient

1. Affection by exopathogenic wind -heat or epidemic febrile diseases at the early stage, manifested as fever and slight aversion to wind and cold. It is often used with forsythia fruit and peppermint, as in Powder of Lonicera and Forsythia (Yin Qiao San).
2. Invasion of the qi system by pathogenic heat marked by high fever, dire thirst and full pulse. It is often used with gypsum and anemarrhena rhizome.
3. Sores, car- buncles, furuncles and swelling. It is a very important herb for external diseases, usually used in combination with dandelion, viola herb, as in Antiphlogistic
Decoc- tion of Five Herbs. (Wuwei Xiaodu Yin).
4. Honeysuckle is edible and medicinal. High in Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium, the leaves can be parboiled and eaten as a vegetable. The edible buds and flowers, made into a syrup or puddings.
5. The entire plant has been used as an alternative medicine for thousands of years in Asia. The active constituents include calcium, elaidic-acid, inositol, linoleic-acid, lonicerin, luteolin, magnesium, myristic-acid, potassium, tannin, zink.
6. Honeysuckle is particularly good for upper respiratory tract infections. The stems and flowers are used together in infusion or decoction.
7. The stems are used internally in the treatment of acute rheumatoid arthritis, mumps and hepatitis.
8. Honeysuckle is alterative, antibacterial, antiinflammatory, antispasmodic, diuretic, febrifuge, and is also used to reduce blood pressure.
9. Polyphenolic compounds isolated from Lonicera japonica inhibit human platelet activation and provide protection from cellular injury, and thus help maintain human vascular homeostasis.
10. Experimentally, the flower extracts have been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels and it are antibacterial, antiviral and tuberculostatic.


Storage & Packing

Shelf Life: Two years when properly stored. 
Storage: Store in Cool and dry place, keep sealed and keep away from strong light, hight temperature.
Packing: 1kg/bag , 5kg/bag with double plastic container inside and Aluminum foil bag outside.


Shipping ways:
Honeysuckle Flower Extract/Lonicera Japonica Extract Chlorogenic Acid 25%
Honeysuckle Flower Extract/Lonicera Japonica Extract Chlorogenic Acid 25%

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